Five Star Dance Academy has chosen to teach the Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus. ATOD are leaders in the field of dance education, both nationally and internationally, committed to delivering a high quality syllabus. They are driven to deliver dynamic, innovative and engaging syllabi, underpinned by best practice teaching standards and an examination process of the highest integrity.



Ballet provides the foundations for excellent technique, body placement and strength. Ballet will compliment and strengthen all other forms of dance training and dance technique. Whether or not you have the desire or potential to be a ballerina doesn’t matter – there are lifelong benefits of good posture and poise. ATOD syllabus exams are available.


For advanced students with sufficient training in ballet…students are welcome to join this class prior to getting their pointe shoes to get ready and build the strength needed for pointe work.

Petite Stars (3-5 years)

This program has been specially developed for children aged 3-5 years, introducing them to the magic and fun of mime, music and dance. Your child has the chance to sample ballet, jazz and tap. This gives them a taste of the different styles of dance. All children love to dance to music and have fun. This is the perfect pre-dance program for them. ATOD syllabus exams are available.

Ballet Extensions Classes

Body conditioning for students studying Ballet. It will also include open Ballet style lesson working through perfecting the art of Ballet and strengthening techniques.


Jazz is a continually changing and evolving genre, encompassing many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Funk and Lyrical. Jazz classes are a great workout and a fun way to release tension while attaining a body awareness the can be applied to everyday activities. ATOD syllabus exams are available.


Contemporary has solid foundations in Classical Ballet with strong emphasis on technique, strength and precision. A very expressive and emotional form of dance, soft flowing and lyrical dance combinations.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a street style dance that is more widely used in music videos and commercials. Hip Hop is great for anyone who loves to dance. It is fun, energetic & boundless.


This is a fantastic lesson that takes dance to the next level. Teaching students how to safely execute skills such as one handed cartwheels, no handed cartwheels, forward and back flips and other dance based acrobatic skills that add an edge to any dance routine.


Tap is an exciting rhythmic exercise and dance form. The classes stress the basics of tap and build into combinations which are great to watch and delight to hear. ATOD syllabus exams are available.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a form of theatre combining spoken dialogue, acting, songs, dance and movement. If you have seen any live Musical you will see that these performers are all rounders. They sing, dance and act. If this is your dream, then this is the class for you.

Boys Only Program

Includes Ballroom, Lifting, Boys Only Dance & Acrobatics.

A wonderful program designed to complete your boys training while building life long friendships.

Stretch and Strengthen

This is an excellent extension for all forms of dance, especially ballet. This lesson is designed to teach students which parts of the body control different movements and how to use flexibility and strength in order to achieve those movements the best of their ability.

Ballroom and Lifting Class

Bridal Packages

Available on request. Bookings are essential to secure your spot. Contact us for more information.

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Couples Social Dance Tuition

Bring you and your partner closer together. Take some time for yourselves after a busy day doing so much for others. Beginner level Ballroom and South American styles. Come in and try a Complimentary Class. Bookings essential.

Day room hire

Studio available for hire during the day. Contact us for rates and availability. Ample parking, air-conditioning toilets, all you need.

Disco Dance Parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday with their very own Disco Dance Party! Suitable for up to 25 children aged 12 years and under. Parents can relax knowing that a registered blue card Instructor will conduct the 2 hour party.

Party Inclusions

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Examinations are available for all students in our own studio. The process is professional, supportive and encouraging, with effective reporting. It is not compulsory to sit examinations, however we do encourage that students do sit exams, in order to develop their confidence and skills.

The exam candidates receive a comprehensive report to assist in their progress and to indicate how they have performed in the exam. They also receive a Certificate and Medal.

Merit Certificate

Five Star Dance also offer Term Merit Awards to encourage students to keep up the good work.  Each teacher selects a student each Term for their achievements.


Workshops are offered during the year. Follow our socials for notifications and updates.

Performance Teams

There is nothing more satisfying than working hard in lessons in order to take what is learnt to the stage. Being part of a performance team, gives the opportunity to perform around the community and compete in Eisteddfods. It teaches students to be part of team, working together for the same goal. An audition process is required.