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Step into a magical world of fun and excitement with a Five Star Dance Disco Dance Party experience! Lasting for two awesome hours, this event will get your groove on like never before. Dance to infectious beats and an age-appropriate playlist that will get you grooving – it’s a party you won’t want to miss!

Our Kids Dance Parties are led by our dynamic Instructor, who will keep everyone entertained with a series of fun dances, games, and friendly competitions throughout, with cool prizes to win and yummy treats to enjoy! 

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Five Star Dance’s Kids Dance Parties are suitable for up to 25 children aged 12 years and under. Parents can relax with the knowledge that a registered Blue Card Instructor will conduct the 2-hour event. Join us at Five Star Dance for a special celebration that you’ll be sure to remember, long after the music stops! 

Party Inclusions

Looking for a fun Kids Birthday Party idea? We’ve got you covered with inclusions for the perfect Disco Dance Party:

BYO: Food, drinks, birthday cake, plates, cups, serviettes.

Party Schedule

You will have 2 hours allocated to your Dance Party session:

Dance 'til You Drop

You’ll be in for a whirlwind of fun with neon lights illuminating the dance floor, pulsating beats filling the air, and laughter echoing through the room as your child and their friends celebrate and dance the day away. With a playlist of great tunes and our enthusiastic instructors leading the way, party attendees will embark on a journey of movement and self-expression, discovering new dance moves and unleashing their inner superstar.

From exciting games and friendly competitions to delightful treats and dazzling prizes, every moment is crafted to spark delight and create cherished memories. Choosing a Disco Dance Party for your child is not just choosing a party – it’s choosing an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, friendship, and endless fun that will leave everyone smiling from ear to ear.

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Five Star Dance Academy is located at North Lakes Business Park, Cnr of Burke & Wills Streets, North Lakes QLD 4509

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